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MoonPi Jewelry

MoonPi is a California based, woman owned jewelry company. Each piece is hand crafted using natural ethically sources stones and traditional metal smithing techniques by Jennie Stone. In 2013, Stone founded MoonPi Jewelry and developed an eye-catching intricate line of jewelry. The idea behind MoonPi is simple, to create timeless, durable works of art that you can truly live in.

The best pieces of art are often transformative. What starts out as one thing can take on a new shape, meaning or purpose for someone else. It is this out of the box creativity and perception of an artist that can take one piece and make it something wholly different and unique. This idea would serve as the base inspiration for Stone.

Drawing on inspiration from nature and ancient designs, Stone began experimenting in jewelry design and crafting original pieces for herself. 'I noticed what felt good to wear, what people would comment on, how something I made would make someone else feel. That's when I knew I had something to share.' The name MoonPi derives from her nickname as a baby. She spent most of her formidable years in the wild landscapes of Northeastern Washington. After finding herself back in her home state of California, Stone brought with her a strong appreciation for natural untouched beauty and continues to channels this into her works from her quaint Los Angeles studio.