Emma Opitz Lederlinge




Emma Opitz Lederlinge

In a small studio in the beautiful district of Berlin’s Niederschönhausen specialties are still hand-crafted. This is the place where EmmaOpitz’s “Lederlinge” are manufactured. Every single one of them is a manually produced unique piece of art. A “Lederling” is neither a simple key chain nor a lanyard. It is a wonderful composition of skilled crafts, time, carefully selected high-quality material and function.

Emma Opitz is not a fictional character, but the deceased grandmother of the founder Marc Türkheim. She shaped his life and inspired him! 

The base of the “Lederling” consists of Canadian vegetal-tanned leather. This base is wrapped by hemp twine that was carefully selected from German ropeyards. A hook and a shackle are attached to secure the strong connection between both materials. Both, the hook and the shackle go through several refining processes and can withstand any strains. Material of highest quality and origin is brought to perfection with the help of creative hands. These hands knot, wind, heat, wax and massage the material relentlessly until the final masterpiece is created.
A “Lederling” requires time, skill and dedication by those hands. Once you wear the “Lederling” you will be overwhelmed by gratitude for this craftsman’s labor. You will be wearing the “Lederling” with confident noblesse.

- Canadian vegetable-tanned leather
- Natural hemp twine originating from selected German ropeyards
- Lead seal
- Distinct hook made from valuable brass from Germany and England
- Distinct hook made from valuable bronze from Italy
- Hook made from robust stainless steel from Germany
- Shackle from brass produced in Germany
- Shackle from stainless steel produced in Germany
- Waxes and Oils from Germany, Switzerland, and the US
- Small cotton bags made in Germany