The Surfer's Journal - Volume 21 No. 6
Volume 21 No. 6 i gruppen Tidningar / Livsstil hos Sivletto (w7085-216)
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Fantastisk surftidning! Ligger redaktionen i Kalifornien? Klart den gör.

Fylld med intervjuer, reportage från sköna surfställen och makalösa bilder. Mer som en bok än som en tidning.

Heaped with surf kink, the latest issue of TSJ is anything but normal. Daniel Thomson's midnight speed run at Lennox gets things started. Once Tom Curren cops to MR at Sunset as the best surfer he's ever seen, you'll find Mark Cunningham surfing (yes, standing) among a mob of rarely seen surf subjects. If this dose of the offbeat has you re-evaluating your equipment, consider the virtues of sail-power with Greenough and our case for turning up the volume.
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Volume 21 No. 6

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