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TSPTR - TSPTR Clean Ocean Committee White
TSPTR Clean Ocean Committee White
TSPTR Clean Ocean Committee White
TSPTR Clean Ocean Committee White
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Sweatshirt i ekologisk bomull. Motiven är tryckta med vattenbaserat bläck.

1970 bildades Malibu Clean Ocean Committee. En blandning av konstnärer, musiker och skådespelare gick samman för att sätta fokus på hur miljön på Kaliforniens kustlinje var i dåligt skick och att åtgärder krävdes.

Tillverkad i Portugal, 100% ekologisk bomull

TSPTR is an acronym standing for Truth, Symmetry, Pleasure, Taste and Recognition, the five design principles of Louis Sullivan, American modernist architect, designer and 'the father of skyscrapers'. His viewpoint was that 'form should ever follow function' and the brand subscribe to that ideal.

The garments channel the history of American counterculture and sub cultures, exploring politics, music, protest, pop culture and war. TSPTR have a passion for clothing with meaning, each TSPTR garment has both great design and a great story. Combining experience, creative backgrounds, and appreciation of vintage clothing to create garments with both a purpose and a narrative. From garment to accessory and old to new, they share the stories they love that are true, soulful, and need to be heard.

TSPTR clothes are ethically made in Portugal and Japan, using mills and factories where tradition, expertise and human dignity take precedence over the bottom line. The cotton used is organic and certified to GOTS standards. It has been produced in accordance with organic farming standards recognized by GOTS, and the products have been processed in accordance with GOTS. Compliance with the standard is audited and monitored.

TSPTR Clean Ocean Committee White