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The Chap - The Chap issue 80
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The Chap issue 80
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A journal for the modern gentleman, som de själva uttrycker det. Brittisk tidning för gentlemän och damer som förstår tjusningen hos tweed, en rak pipa och en välskött mustasch. En publikation med en stor dos (torr) humor

The 80th edition of The Chap returns to the original source of the journal’s inspiration.

Vic Darkwood, co-founder of the Chap Magazine, returns to pen a regular column on gentlemen’s etiquette matters, commencing with the Etiquette of Involuntary Spasm. Mr. Darkwood was estranged from the magazine for eight years owing to cravat knotting differences between the founders.

Elsewhere, we examine in great detail the Harrington Jacket and the Broughton Boot; discover the best British gloves; learn about British wartime fashion on the ration; meet the man who constructed his own racing car in the 1950s, took it to Brands Hatch and won – we met John Mew at the mediaeval style castle that he built himself in Sussex.

Tom Cutler examined the gentlemanly art of wearing a uniform; Steve Pittard chronicled the life of Indian cricketing legend Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji; Patricia Hammond releases a new collection of Songs from the Great War, while Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer assesses the better-dressed chaps from the hip hop fraternity; and we meet our new Mitteleuropa Korespondent Lazlo Krass, whom some readers may recall under another name in an earlier phase of this publication.

All this, plus the usual regulars the Butler, the Lip Weasel and Am I Chap?

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The Chap

The Chap issue 80

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