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The Chap Issue 78
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A journal for the modern gentleman, som de själva uttrycker det. Brittisk tidning för gentlemän som förstår tjusningen hos tweed, en rak pipa och en välskött mustasch. En publikation med en stor dos (torr) humor.

The 78th edition of The Chap finally secures an interview with Terence Stamp.

The legendary actor and British cult icon reveals his deepest thoughts and feelings on sharing a flat with Michael Caine, dating Jean Shrimpton and Julie Christie and being immortalised with the latter in the song Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks; Terence also speaks about his many meetings with remarkable men such as Krishnamurti, Fellini, Pasolini and Anthony Newley.

Elsewhere, we take a look beyond the cable knits of the Aran Sweater, review the best walking boots for chaps, take a peek at the BBC archive of MR James’s Ghost Stories for Christmas, now available on dvd, and learn, from Tom Cutler, about the dodgy shenanigans of spurious spiritualist Mina ‘Margery’ Crandon. Tristan Langlois also sharpens his neglected quill to pen an informative insight into the mystery of the Mary Celeste, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s role in propagating one of the world’s greatest seafaring legends.

In a special section devoted to the ultimate Chappish accessory, the umbrella, we take a look at how the illustrious gamp is made, which ones to purchase and one Australian chap’s lifelong quest to secure his very first whangee bumbershoot. Our competition this issue offers readers the chance to win a superb umbrella from Fox & Sons, in exchange for submitting a photograph of a particularly tragic umbrella. This is the single case where photographs of folding umbrellas will be tolerated in the offices of The Chap.

All this, plus the usual regulars the Butler, the Lip Weasel and Am I Chap?

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The Chap

The Chap Issue 78

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