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The Chap - The Chap Issue 77
The Chap Issue 77 i gruppen Rea! / Böcker och tidningar hos Sivletto - Skylark AB (w5944-77)
The Chap Issue 77
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A journal for the modern gentleman, som de själva uttrycker det. Brittisk tidning för gentlemän som förstår tjusningen hos tweed, en rak pipa och en välskött mustasch. En publikation med en stor dos (torr) humor.

The 77th edition of The Chap delves beyond the green baize door for a food & drink special. Contents include:

  • Cooking for Chaps: three recipes excerpted from the new culinary tome from The Chap
  • Chappish Dispatches: extensive results from our wallet competition
  • The history, construction and art of wearing the trench coat
  • Tom Cutler on the gentlemanly art of eating
  • Steve Pittard on cricketers who liked to eat, or rather eaters who occasionally played cricket
  • Portmanteaux: three of the best British travelling bags
  • Champagne: Natty Adams on why fizz is the dandiest of beverages
  • Michael “Atters” Attree meets Edward Davenport, host of London’s most decadent parties
  • Two new restaurants reviewed: a British one and a Hawaiian one
  • Music: Patricia Hammond on songs about food which are really about sex
  • Wheat Chiefs: the revival of long-lost British wheat grains
  • Sergeant Bilko: the definitive collection on dvd
  • The Lip Weasel: Michael “Atters” Attree rounds up hirsute beauties and beasts
  • Mr. Bell the Butler advises on wedding tackle and false moustaches
  • Plus: Gordon Ramsay V Keith Floyd; British pints; Random acts of Chappery
The Chap

The Chap Issue 77

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