El Toro - Oh, Brother... It's The Doel Brothers!
Oh, Brother... It's The Doel Brothers! i gruppen Övrigt / Musik / CD hos Sivletto (ETCD-6057)
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Oh, Brother... It's The Doel Brothers!

Friends, there are a lotta folks appropriating the Hillbilly' handle these days, but where The Doel Brothers are concerned, that's the way they walk!

What you hold in your hands is proof positive that the Doels' are one special outfit. From the two- part hillbilly harmony of Going Away & Tell Me You're Mine to the Tennessee Two beat of Sure You Won't .. to my just-plain-favorite track - Educated Mind, these fellers write songs that feel like they just jumped off of a Mississppi jukebox in 1954. Along the way they give that same bonafide Brothers' treatment to Johnny Horton's I'll Do It Every Time, Tennessee Ernie Ford's Kissin' Bug Boogie and Tom James' Hey Baby...

Cousin, this is stripped down and jumped up, country-style rockin' that's sure to please.

It doesn't matter which side of the planet you hang your hat - you either get this kind of music or you don't... and the rompin, stompin', swingin' singin' Doel Brothers get it right every time!

Dave 'Pappy' Stuckey

Educated Mind
Goin' away
Kissin' bug Boogie
I'll Do It Everytime
Sure You Won't
I Need Your Lovin'
Pick You Up
Whiskey Lovin' Fool
Nothin' 'bout love
Tell Me You're Mine
Rockin' Shoes
Hey Baby
El Toro

Oh, Brother... It's The Doel Brothers!

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