The Chap - The Chap issue 75
The Chap issue 75 i gruppen Tidningar / Livsstil hos Sivletto - Skylark AB (w5944-75)
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A journal for the modern gentleman, som de själva uttrycker det. Brittisk tidning för gentlemän som förstår tjusningen hos tweed, en rak pipa och en välskött mustasch. En publikation med en stor dos (torr) humor.

The historic 75th edition of The Chap features Rachel Johnson in a pith helmet on the cover, and continues in the same vein.

Rachel Johnson, in a frank and controversial interview, reveals her true feelings about the Conservative party, her thoughts on the real causes of 9/11, the lesbian shenanigans at a British tabloid newspaper, whether her brother Boris has ever attended a Bilderberg Group meeting and his ambitions for governing the nation, and why she used to dress as a boy while at primary school.

Less controversial but equally insightful in the 75th edition of The Chap are articles on Oxford shirts, flagellation, cycling shoes, eccentric game dinners in the Bronx, pocket knives, Gaiety Girls, cricket tea breaks and Martin Kemp's new moving picture.

All this, plus the usual regulars Viv the Spiv, the Butler, the Lip Weasel and Am I Chap?
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The Chap

The Chap issue 75

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