The Chap - The Chap issue 58
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A journal for the modern gentleman, som de själva uttrycker det. Brittisk tidning för gentlemän som förstår tjusningen hos tweed, en rak pipa och en välskött mustach. En publikation med en stor dos (torr) humor.

The Chap's Aug-Sept 2011 edition looks skyward and scooterward to discover what links mods and Fokkers:

Lapse of Panache: Richard Branson V Jim Mollison
Tristan Langlois re-enacts the Battle of the Nile in the captain's state room
Fleur de Guerre relives the Battle of Britain at Shoreham Airport
Matthew de Abaitua on that most controversial item of a gentleman's apparel, the sandal
That was the Modern World: Stephen Wilson on the rise and fall of the mod movement
Interview: Colonel John Blashford-Snell, the last of the gentleman explorers
Michael "Atters" Attree on the Aviator moustache
W de Forte on motoring etiquette
A Study in Pink: the early life of Barbara Cartland, involving champagne, fast cars and bespoke gliders
Arbuthnot & Slipper suggest various fields of employment for out-of-work airline pilots
The Chap Questionnaire: Quadrophenia star Phil Daniels
Drinking: Neil J. Ridley examines the contents of the Hindenberg Airship's cocktail bar
Brooklands or Bust: vintage photographer Gordon Ayres shoots from the hip at England's oldest Motoring and Aviation Museum
Mr. Bell the Butler continues to dish out sound socio-sartorio-domestic advice
Plus: Am I Chap?, winners of this year's Chap Olympiad and Hat Doff of the Month

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The Chap

The Chap issue 58

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