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Dice Magazine 77
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Have you ever been told; "Never meet your idols?" Have you ever wondered why? Well it's usually because they are total ass-wipes. I have to say, we were proven wrong recently when we met some of our idols on a recent trip to Japan. The Gee family were out in force and we were blown away with how nice they were and how talented they all were. Needless to say we asked them to handle the cover of Issue 77 and they killed it!!!

This cover was drawn up by the amazing Jesse Gee (aged 12) and Rosa Gee (aged 11), from London England. Their Stevie did the layout and coloring in. Legends!!

Never Mind The Choppers, It's DicE 77!!!

En tidning som går lika fort som hojarna i tidningen. Skaffa ditt ex idag!

24cm x 19,5cm

Dice magazine is published bi-monthly. Dice was born on April 4th 2004
Dice Magazine

Dice Magazine 77

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