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Rodder's Journal issue 53
Rodder's Journal issue 53
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Som vanligt har vi två olika omslag, men raska på så du får det omslag du helst vill ha.
Omslag A: Eddie Miller Jr. Lakester
Omslag B: 1941 Willys Coupe

The subscriber cover of issue #53 features the Eddie Miller Lakester now owned by Don Ferguson Jr. The Ferguson family has long been associated with land speed racing both on the dry lakes and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Their participation spans three generations with Don Sr., Don Jr. and Don III, who is now President of the SCTA. Don Sr. was always on the hunt for old racing cars, engines and parts. One his most important acquisitions, which he made back in the mid-70s, was the Eddie Miller Lakester. Don Ferguson Jr. and a crew of skilled craftsman completed a full restoration in time for the 2010 Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance. Jim Miller
is not only a noted hot rod historian, but is Eddie Miller Jr's son as well and we felt it only fitting that he write the text for our article. He also supplied plenty of previously unpublished vintage photography.

The newsstand cover features Tom Venezia's '41 Willys. It just so happened that a trip to the East Coast to create material for this issue was necessary. We were able to pack three car features from three different states in to a ten-day thrash. We became aware of Tom's '41 Willys after the 2009 Jalopyrama where it was on display on the main floor. The Dayton, Maryland based Willys was built as a tribute to the original Gassers from the 1960s. It features a 6-71 blown, 4-port injected, 392 Chrysler Hemi, chromed tube axle, polished mag wheels and diamond pleat interior. We shot the coupe at The Baltimore Museum of Industry in Baltimore, Maryland, with the city's harbor and skyline as the backdrop.

After our stay in Baltimore we traveled north to the small town of Rochester located on the Massachusetts coastline to shoot Keith Goettlich's '37 Chevrolet coupe. What we found interesting about Keith's car was that he had taken what many would configure as a hot rod or racecar and turned into a traditional late '40s, early 50s-style custom. The coupe was chopped 3 inches, nosed, decked, shaved and given a tail-dragging stance. Wide whitewall tires peek beneath the Foxcraft skirts and tuck slightly under the front fender. Cadillac Sombrero wheelcovers are the crowning touch. A '64 Buick nailhead is nestled into the engine bay while '70 Mercedes Dark Red 2-stage paint covers the body. The car was built in Keith's three-
car garage with the help of a few friends.

In Florida we photographed Gary Moore's Deuce highboy roadster racecar and '36 Ford phaeton tow car. Gary is a lifelong hot rodder who has combined his interest in vintage drag racing and long distance rod runs with this dynamic duo. Gary has towed the Deuce with the phaeton as far as Mokan dragstrip to race at the H.A.M.B. drags in Missouri before driving the phaeton to Bonneville to spectate at Speed Week. Looks like loads of fun to us. Gary operates Hot Rod Stuff from his Melbourne, Florida, shop.

TRJ #53 also contains a pair of black Texas-based Deuce roadsters. One of the traditional highboys is a white-walled and steel wheel equipped late '50s-style owned by Steve Ernst and built by Brian Bass. The other is mag-wheeled, hoodless, owned by Floyd Williams and built by Dave Lane of Fastlane Rod Shop in Iowa. They are both powered by smallblock Chevy motors; each has three pedals, quickchange rearends, and dropped I-beam axles among other similarities. Each of these roadsters strictly adheres to its chosen theme and era and it is actually the differences in these roadsters that makes this comparison interesting. We photographed the
pair of Deuces on location in Austin, Texas, during the 2010 Lonestar Roundup.

And much much more!
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Rodder's Journal issue 53

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